CEM was established in 2007 as a one-stop shop telecommunications and Smart Building technology . Our experts will design a program for your whole building—customized for each room—to maximize the comfort of your entire space. We’ll centralize control into an easy-to-use hub to allow you to manage and monitor electrical resources from the convenience of a single desktop or tablet.

Perfectly adjusting climate control, lighting, shade and media are no longer a luxury. They are a necessity which your residents and employees expect. Replacing outdated fixtures with modern energy-efficient LEDs—wired to a centralized control hub—has a long-term impact on your bottom line and makes the people in your building more comfortable and productive.

CEM is privileged to be an Elite Partner with automation leader Crestron. With over 40 years of facilities automation experience in nearly every industry, Crestron is recognized globally for helping to revolutionize the way buildings “live and breathe.”

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